Electric Car How to Guide – Shopping For the Adapter Plate

The electric car is more than a vehicle that runs on batteries. It differs from the conventional car in many ways. One essential difference is the absence of the internal combustion engine. Another is the lack of a fuel tank and an exhaust pipe. There is another big difference – the way power is transmitted to the wheel to move the car.

The electric car moves by transfer of power from the batteries to the controller then to the motor. The motor is the internal combustion equivalent of the electric car. It is the main component that causes movement. The electric car does not use a flywheel so there is a challenge for the designers as to how power can be transmitted to the wheel at varying speeds. The transmission needs to get a special device that will enable it to adapt to changing speeds.

The device that enables the transmission to reduce or increase acceleration is called the adapter plate. It is situated between the clutch and the transmission so that energy loss is not incurred in the course of shifts. Again, the adapter plate ensures that transmission is done in a very smooth manner.

The adapter plate needs to be manufactured to very high engineering standards. The reason is, they should fit the clutch like tongue and groove. There should be no spaces to cause unintended shifts. Again, it should be able to resist heat to a large extent, making aluminum one of the best metals to use.

Precision is very important of the adapter plate is going to work properly. For this reason, you would want to buy your components and parts from reputable shops only so you are guaranteed a well aligned part.