Innovative Ideas for Adapting Your Business to Changing Market Conditions

Because the “click and order”, internet enabled entrepreneur is forcing the “brick and mortar” business owner to radically change the way they’re going about building, sustaining and growing their businesses, it is simply not possible to wish, hope and pray that your business is going see a drastic overhaul without feeding it some type of technological over-haul, which will aid at improving things.

Truth be told, it’s not so much business owners that want to see the many changes taking place in business, it’s the customers. Discount buying, online shopping, social shopping and a lack of customer loyalty are all variables that face business owner in the economy of today.

If you are not using innovative ideas for adapting your business to changing market conditions, what are you doing? Whether or not you want to infuse technology to back your efforts is totally fine, just don’t expect to be nearly as effective with your conversions as compared to using technology.

The most demanded job in any marketplace is being a social media manager. According to an article in Inc. Magazine (April 7, 2010), there were over 22,258 social media manager positions available at that time – do you think the demand for business owners wanting to increase social media presence has changed?

Most companies don’t R-E-A-L-L-Y know how to market using social media, but they know they need to. Although there is no formal certification or license to deem you “credible” as a social media manager or consultant, allowing ourselves to stretch the uncommon is the “secret pill” for transitioning into this world.

Below is a 3 part list of items that you can implement today to change the way you may be using innovative ideas for adapting your business to changing market conditions:

1. Put A Blog Into Play As Fast As Possible– Although blogging is not as effective as it was 6 months ago, it will significantly enhances search engine optimization (SEO) capacity as compared to a static website, will capture targeted customer’s information and ease your efforts when developing a ‘raving fan’ base. Bottom-line, get a blogging immediately.

2. Put A Free Report Together To Give Away– The entrepreneur who has the most appealing front-end offer usually will have the upper-hand on winning over new prospective customers and clients. Giving away a free report brands your expert nature, as well as your ability to express to a customer that you care about servicing their every need.

3. Use Video In As Many Marketing Campaigns As Possible – Video has been proven to be 50% more effective at delivering a message than that of any formal sales presentation. Considering most companies want to learn how to get their website to the top of Google, an insider tip would be to use YouTube videos because YouTube is owned by Google, thus being their ally.

The most effective marketer is the one who has the best campaign created to support their online efforts. Another power strategy is to create your campaign to be delivered on automation, using the ‘tools of technology’, allowing you to be the most “socially savvy” entrepreneur in you marketplace.