The Transition of Coffee Shops Over the Decades

Ever since Fair Trade began back in the early 2000s, coffee companies were the first ones to incorporate this social project into their businesses. Coffee companies began just by selling some of the coffee products, but as time went on some local coffee companies sell Fair Trade jewelry, chocolate, and tea. The reason that these companies took to this social project in particular is it likely because  was really one of the first products to be put into the United States market through this project. Also, coffee companies were easily able to incorporate this social project into their businesses because it is not too much more expensive than the coffee they regularly buy and it is a good social cause. Through the years, coffee companies have been able to adapt to meet the demands of coffee consumers all around the world.

When coffee companies first began, they were just places for people to pick up a cup of caffeine quickly before work. Also, when they first began, these types of  places were usually part of a drug store where people could also get breakfast. Soon, there came a demand for a place to sit and have coffee with friends or coworkers. So, coffee companies adapted and began to build their own beverage shops, instead of being part of drug stores. Finally, in the early 1990s companies began to create an experience for their customers. The gang on “Friends” was always seen at their local beverage drinking shop talking about work problems, relationship problems, or just making audiences laugh at their jokes. People wanted a place like the gang on “Friends” had. So, again, these shops adapted. Most of these companies put couches and big over-sized chairs in their stores, so that customers could meet their friends or coworkers for a cup of java. Also, most of this kind of  companies began playing soft music and having their stores painted in warm, inviting tones. It is amazing that these coffee shops are able to change quickly the meet the needs of their customers.  

The newest trend for these companies, though, is support of social causes. Most people like to know that the money they spend on coffee goes towards a good cause, no matter how small. Most local beverage shops like to sponsor local events, like school soccer teams, or they help give money to a run or walk for a disease. Bigger java chains are now associating themselves with larger, global social projects.

The amazing thing about these shops is that they have been able to change the way they do business to fit the current demand of the customers. Most companies have a very difficult time even keeping up with the rapidly changing customer demands, let alone change their businesses for them. These types of  shops have become a staple in American society and it should be interesting to see if they can continue meeting the demands of the customer the way they have been able to for decades.