Using iPod Cassette Adapter in Your Car

Almost everyone agrees when I say that iPod is one of the landmark products from Apple. Everyday, millions of MP3 songs are being played through this tiny little gadget. iPod has various features that successfully captures the hearts of young generation.

It has been widely known for its extended battery life, huge storage capacity, video features, photo storage, and many more. If you plan to play iPod through your car stereo system, you may use iPod cassette adapters. This adapter will enable you to connect your iPod to your car’s audio system.

Where to Shop?

I guess this is your first question. iPod has become such a famous device that captures the world’s attention. There are growing number of shops that are specializing in selling iPod accessories.

But you may also find an iPod cassette adapter in electronic shops,music shops, or car shops. It’s better to do a research before deciding to purchase one. One of the best place to research is of course on the internet.

But internet is like an ocean without a limit, so if you ask me where to start, I recommend you start searching from Amazon.

The good things about Amazon are you can read other customer reviews, you have millions of products to choose from, and it often offers very very competitive prices.

If you go to an offline shop, your options are limited and you can’t just browse the items the way you like, you will be facing a salesperson who tells you how nice the product you choose without having any clue about other customers’ reviews.

How To Choose The Right Adapter.

Price is one of the key factors to consider. But it’s not the only one. You should also observe the features that come with the adapter.From our observation the adapters that cost around 25 dollars are the most appropriate ones.

There are other adapters that cost cheaper, but usually they are manufactured from very vulnerable materials that are easily breakable. In our opinion such gadgets aren’t worth your money in the long term. You should also check the sound quality of the adapter. If you’re buying from Amazon, you may want to read other customers’ reviews.

By reading these reviews you won’t repeat the same disappointment from the previous customer who bought wrong products.

Installing Adapter.

Installation is actually very easy. All you need to do is simply place the adapter into the the cassette slot of your vehicle. Make sure you reconnect the whiles to the relevant cords in the adapter when you remove the cassette player.

Using the adapter.

Once you’ve completed the installation, you can start enjoying the music from your iPod. But first, you need to connect the iPod to the cassette player by using the headphone jack that comes with the cassette adapter. You may adjust the music volume by using either the volume in the iPod or the stereo system in the car itself.

Usually you need to set the volume of your iPod to 50 percent at least, so that the sound can be heard.