Wireless Speaker Adapter – Guide to Speaker Adapters

A wireless speaker adapter is a must-have if you’re going to use wireless speakers for your sound system or your computer. The good thing about these peripherals is that they are clutter-free so you don’t have to deal with all sorts of wires and cables that can cause a lot of problems later on.

Adapters for wireless speakers can either be powered by electricity by plugging them directly into an electrical outlet or they can be run by the same audio device where they are connected. They are available in Bluetooth and standard varieties, depending on the type of technology that they use to transmit digital audio signals.

Standard adapter

This type of wireless speaker adapter is electrically powered and has a cable jack plugged into the output jack of a wireless speaker. You can plug the device directly into an electrical outlet and it comes in nine-volt models. Once plugged, you will see a symbol on the screen for the audio device that indicates that the adapter is already turned on. Standard adapters are typically designed to suit a particular brand of wireless speaker.

Bluetooth adapter

The Bluetooth adapter, as the name implies, utilizes Bluetooth technology to transmit audio from your MP3 player to the receiver (i.e. headphones or speakers.) The good thing about this type of speaker adapter is that it has next to no audio interference contributing to greater sound quality. The adapter is directly connected to the audio player.

Buying guidelines

When shopping around for a wireless speaker adapter, always ensure that the model and brand that you’re considering is compatible with your audio player and your wireless speaker. If you’re going to use the adapter and wireless speakers at home or at the office, you’re better off with electrically powered models but you might want to go for Bluetooth speakers for portable music players.